Major benefits of Voice Interface:

  • Report and extract data to and from any back-office system.
  • Simply talk to your App – using TUKUORO voice layer SDK, the relevant data is captured in-context directly to the back-office or back to your app.
  • Our unique speech to in-context data enables users to move at extraordinary velocity.

We developed Tukuoro to be the Voice layer infrastructure for the voice activated, connected world.

Empower Your Employees With Tukuoro’s Advanced ‘Just Talk’ Solution


 Tukuoro’s solution is unique and innovative, bringing a simple solution approach with a disruptive back-end system.


We believe that information security and confidentiality is crucial for our customers.


 Advanced and informative reports are generated by Tukuoro’s solution.

Tukuoro In Action

See how simple it is to capture your client data and have it inserted directly into any database.

Whether you have a CRM like Oracle or SalesForce or an FSM like Clicksoftware, or even if you are just using Excel.

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