When you want to punish someone, just let them update!

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Updating has always been something that truly sucks! No matter how you look at it, it takes time (which you usually don’t have), and by that I mean is that no matter how much you try to plan your schedule and set the time to update, it always comes down to the end of the day (late night), the end of the month when someone is breathing down your throat and your self-conscience that drives up to speed when you finally need to update but have temporary loss of memory on some of the details.

To be honest, none of us are to blame. If you think of it, and I am talking about those of you who still remember the pre “everyone from birth has a mobile phone” period. We have been “brain-washed”, invaded by that instant technology that leaves us no need to remember those small things.

Ask me now, to spit out all my loved ones phone numbers, mobile and home and it would take me a while if at all to succeed, I hardly remember my own house phone number. Ask me what was my phone number in any of the houses I lived in 20 & 30 years ago, I remember each and every one of them.

BTW, each time my husband needs my phone number for a form or something like that, he asks me.  And being a classic woman my reply is: what would happen if he was in an emergency and had to call me – oh oh the look on his face.

There are a number of researches that study the changes in the human memory due to the increased technology in our life and this is not the place to get into it, even though it is quite bothering.  But it shows that we are used to the fact that once all the data we need is just there in the palm of our hands – there is just no reason to remember.

Now, let’s add updating which we love so much to the fact that most database platforms without offending any of the multi-million dollar companies are to say the least, not always as user friendly as they can be, the possibilities to report data are limited and may require time, manpower and attention alongside other adoption issues that are to some a bigger problem.

So, what happens today when you are driving somewhere and you remember you have not updated your kids that you would be late or that there is that doctors appointment that you need to schedule? Or even need an address of a restaurant? Well, wither you call, open and app (hopefully not while driving) and maybe use Siri or for your notes, a recording app.

Now back to business, what happens when you are just there on the go, running from one place to another? From one client to another, maybe covering 6-7 clients a day, or in case of being on the field service side, servicing many clients a day.

Just last week, SalesForce announced that “they are enabling service representatives and other field workers into the mobile era by giving them real-time access to the latest customer data on their mobile phones or tablets”. We think this is great, a great step into offering mobile workforce much more autonomy during their work day.

But, is it enough? Hmmm…well…almost! Even though allowing mobile workforce to be much more autonomous is great, the question that should be asked is what are the tools available to update or extract data? As having autonomy or not, time is still scrace.

Would you still need to take 5- 10 minutes after every meeting to update or make sure you save an hour at the end of the day for this? The answer is yes.

The world as we see it is moving forward immensely when it comes to technology and specifically when it comes to voice.

How about the following scenario? You are on your way to a meeting with a client and you want to get the basic information about them and you say OPEN SESAME (that’s code for – Tukuoro app to open), and then while driving or walking down the street, you are asked simple questions like: name… and abracadabra, you get all the information from the database straight into your ear. But that’s is not even the best part.

Let’s say you are done with a meeting, the first out of 5 you have in your schedule. In the car, open sesame and this is what happens:

You: Open Sesame

Tukuoro: opportunity/client name

You: Easter Bunny Ltd.

Tukuoro: contact name;

You: Mr. Bunny CEO

Tukuoro: Product

You: Easter eggs

Tukuoro: quantity

You: 1000 units

Tukuoro: Stage?

You: Issue proposal

Tukuoro: comments:

You: Mr Bunny is tough, likes carrots, yet Ms. Bunny is the decision maker. We set to touch base within 10 days.

You: done.

Yep, that’s it. So while driving your car, bicycle, walking, roller-skating, metro’ing, you can just talk…..and this app actually understands you – and saves the info to your database. (amir: or something ..)

It is not enough to have you speak and hope the other side understands you. For this to work and be your working buddy, it has to be in-context, it has to know your business “inner-slang”, no typo, no misspells, just talk and get it right the first time.


Once you end your day, get back home to your things whether it’s your family, gym, your favorite show on TV. Your update is safe and sound in the company’s database. You have received and email with the summary of the information, all other relevant personnel have been updated and even a proposal has been sent…just because you spoke to yourself in the car J

Now, how much is that worth for you? More extra time, less back-office work. And for your company? Business information flow becomes more accurate, and real-time.

Updating has always been something that truly sucks! It can suck less!



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