Hands Free

Eyes on the road, while your mind is focused on the business.


 Just Talk to your phone and report your sales meeting on the go.


Works both ways. Report after a meeting & retrieve details before your meeting.


All your reported client data in-context directly to the platform. No hassle!

Make Your Solution Voice Enabled

Easily integrate Tukuoro Voice Layer into your App or device and make it voice enabled. Tukuoro captures voice input, intelligently formats and processes it in real-time and in-context of your solution, in any language or use case. Try us.

See How Tukuoro Works

Watch our video and see how simple it is to start capturing & extracting data on the go

Platform Agnostic

If your solution is in eCommerce, mobile workforce, Smart home or Automotive, Tukuoro can be integrated in minutes, using our SDK. Just Talk

Any Language

English? US style? Irish style? Chinese? Italian? Spanish? Tukuoro is language friendly and reports back accurately no matter what

Try Tukuoro Today! No Commitment! NO CREDIT CARD!

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